Monday, September 9, 2019

Timascus for NH2

Timascus, still in the R&D stage...

The deeper we go with this timascus project the more beautiful becomes. Definitely not finished, but there is beauty in the process.

Making these small photo essays under the microscope is addicting, you can see details you never would have noticed with your naked eye.

We knew early on that what should be making would be special, but we never realised that it would look THIS good.
Each piece is completley Individual. The colours, the patterns, the finishing.
We still haven't officially released prototype no.1, but we are getting alot closer.

The plan so far is to make individual pieces, to order. No mass production, no 2000 piece limited editions. If you want a watch, you will be commissioning one from scratch.
Viva Australian watch making!

Thoughts on the turquoise?

Everything about finishing Timascus is a challenge, but seeing the colours pop makes it all worth it.

Every time I see the finished parts, I get reminded about how special this project truly is... Expressions of interest welcome for a 4th quarter 2019 release.
The first and only Timascus watch movement ... manufactured in Australia.

Early in the morning is the best time to admire last night's work.

Timascus bridges done. Everything looks a little cloudy as the timascus is prepped for anodisation.

Pre assembly next, and then painting these guys with electricity!

Timascus, you are beautiful.... Order book for the first and only wristwatch with a Timascus movement, in the world (!!) , opening mid September.

Viva Australian watchmaking!

Which one would you pick? Or do you have another colour on your wishlist?

Balance cocks for the NH2 calibre, manufactured and hand decorated in our sydney workshop.

First and only use of timascus for internal watch components!

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