Monday, September 9, 2019

Pallet fork bridge for the NH1 calibre

One of the smaller parts in watchmaking!

This is the pallet fork bridge for the NH1 calibre, unfinished after the wire edm has cut it out from the raw stock.

Some critical tolerances here, 5 microns on form between the two banking pin points, and 2 micron true position on the locating pin bores and the jewel hole. (Non counterbored holes)
Very happy with how it is turning out so far! This is for the upcoming timascus movement that we are doing.

Getting to the real nitty gritty. Pallets bridge for our NH1 calibre.

Finishing this guy is a real challenge, just notice, there is a tiny highly polished chamfer that runs around the outside of the part, this contrasts with the frosted sides of the part and straight-grained top surface.

From the exhibition case back, this piece is the centrepiece, so it must be finished perfectly!

Watch pallets bridge. Kern Pyramid Nano. Manufactured in Australia.

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