Friday, September 6, 2019

Timascus Project Update

A bit of good news to share today.

We started machining Timascus for the first time on the 15th May and on September 4th we have our first fully cased, completely assembled and anodized Timascus watch. This is actually our third completely assembled movement so at this stage it is not premature to say that we have reached an important milestone!

So what's next? Our immediate goal is to continue machining. It takes one week to manufacture a set of mainplates, bridges, balance cock, winding stem and screws; enough to complete one watch. But the final result is only known after the anodizing (colouring) of Timascus. Clearly we will be looking for consistency in colour and pattern which means that most likely some components will need to be made again. Indeed wastage is our biggest enemy.

Of course we will keep you posted but if you are in the area, we would love the opportunity to show you the watch in person. Due to the complexity of the process and the cost of manufacturing as well as for the fact that each watch is completely unique, we will be looking for individual orders only. The first orders are already coming in, not just from Australia but from the US, Europe and out of all places - Switzerland!

Please check out our Youtube video:

However if you would like to find out what watch enthusiasts around the world think of our NH2, go to:

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