Wednesday, July 8, 2020

David E Walter

David Walter is the first person to successfully recreate the Woodward Free pendulum clock, W5 in 2006 followed by an improved edition of Breguet No.3671 Double Pendulum clock in 2010 and further development in 2012 added the complications of Daniels Perpetual calendar with retrograde date and sunrise/sunset indications. These great achievements firmly place David Walter not only as one of the greatest clockmakers ever to have lived and the greatest living clockmaker as well as the only clockmaker to have ever made both versions of double pendulum clock, The Free Pendulum (D)W5 and the Double Pendulum Resonance Clock.

And what would you say if I tell you that David Walter is an Aussie?

Quite frankly, I was hoping for and would be more than happy with a fifteen minute chat with David. Generously and kindly, he allocated over two hours to share with us his amazing story.

For your enjoyment here is Part One of the 'Raw and Uncut' interview with David E Walter.

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