Monday, July 27, 2020

There is no other option

Once again we have no choice but take our destiny into our own hands.

The print media is dead and commercial television is gone. And if you have a story to tell, then you have to share it online.

Remember the Qantas magazine? Remember the two hundred page Sydney Morning Herald weekend issue, a sophisticated paper loaded with news, stories, events, exciting products and thousands of houses for sale, ten thousands cars, countless holiday destinations, music and arts, business news and politics?

Today, SMH offers ten pages of yesterday's news and twenty pages of horse racing 'articles'. An unsophisticated broadsheet for unsophisticated readers. Irrelevant, soon to be gone forever.

And even in its current, below the common denominator and common sense level, no main stream media would publish a story about a maker or a thinker - because their readers could not care less. Surely, one can be published in 'Luxury insert' - for $10,000 per half page. But even if money is not an issue, being 'interviewed 'by a journalist who could not care about you, or your story, or your product'- let alone about the big picture or fine horology is simply unbearable. Why should I pay $10,000 for the privilege to
talk about horology with someone who knows absolutely nothing about the watchmaking and everything about Swiss Megabrands and have that story shared with unsophisticated audience?

We have no other choice but to reach to smart people who care. And this is why YouTube is the way to go.

Independent watchmaking is a big story and a big project of global relevance and importance. There are many watchmakers, horologists, machinists, makers, craftsmen and artisans who, like us, have no platform to voice their cause and present their beautiful watches - except on the media channels they have created themselves. And we are now doing the same.

However, our goal is not to talk about ourselves, but about our fellow watchmakers. To allow them to share their stories. To open their hearts and workshops to those who care - you and me.

Yes, the quality of our videos is rather pedestrian, the quality of verbal expression is rudimental and vocabulary at times just elementary. But for those who care, the message will come through loud and clear: it is about an endless pursuit for perfection, learning, improvement, and creativity. It's raw and uncut, honest, and we tell it as it is- the way you like it.

Today, my guests are two craftsman- two young men who are currently making some of the most fascinating one-of-a-kind watches. Actually, to call those mechanical timepieces watches would be too simple. 
Michal Molnar and Igor Fabry come from the country where watchmaking has never really existed. They have self-taught themselves jewellery making, watchmaking, engraving, stone setting and polishing in a short span of ten or so years. Today, they collaborate with most eminent Swiss movement makers and equally passionately remake masterpieces of the golden era of horology.

As neither of us three come from an English speaking background, it was tempting to edit the interview and 'clean' it for the viewer's convenience. But we made decision to leave the entire recording as is, raw and uncut. And even if choice of words or expressions would be perfect, the words themselves are irrelevant: their masterpieces speak for themselves.

For your enjoyment:

A special 'thank you' to all of you who now follow us on YouTube. The channel now has over 1,000 subscribers which is rather important milestone. 

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