Thursday, July 2, 2020

Reclaiming the Horological Grounds

Let's be brutally honest: mechanical watchmaking is a dying trade. The small pockets of activity are centred around mega brands who themselves go through cycles of boost and bust. Consequently the lack of interest from youngsters to join the trade and devote a decade or two in an exclusive but fast declining industry is quite understandable. The carcass has been decaying for a while - but thanks to the new world of fast communication and social media, we are witnessing an unusual development: horology being hijacked by vocal outsiders. Enthusiastic social media amateurs, watch forums, influencers financed by brands, startups, peddling the $20 Chinese watches while waving the banner of "new horology for the young,  modern man". The real watchmakers - the nerdy introverts - who actually sit behind the workbench, who make and repair watches and clocks - and invest a substantial amount of time training and passing their knowledge, are watching silently, slowly sliding into irrelevance.

Last night I spent nearly 3 hours conversing with Tommy Jobson, a thirty five years young English clockmaker. An hour and a bit of that conversation has been video recorded - for your enjoyment. Tommy is a down to earth, skilful and pedantic restorer trained in both watches and clocks. And we've discovered we have one thing in common: admiration to the best living clockmaker in the world - who nowadays, out of all places, resides in Australia!

The interview with Tommy is yet another attempt to reclaim horology by two students of horology, as we proudly call ourselves. It is yet another humble attempt to reverse the tide, to excite and re-focus your attention to things that matter. Ultimately, to lift your appreciation of horology to another level.

Next week we will surprise you with another guest so make sure to stay tuned in and to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Interview with Tommy Jobson, Bespoke Clockmaker:

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