Monday, July 13, 2020

Reclaiming the horology

A few weeks ago we started the project titled 'Horology Raw and Uncut'. Essentially, a series of interviews with watchmakers and clockmakers who share their stories. Last night, my guest was Mike Cardew. Electronics engineer by trade, Mike got into watchmaking perusing his passion for design and making. There is so much I like about him: he is focused, productive, creative and unorthodox. He uses tools which he has at his disposal and incorporates watch parts sourced from other timepieces into his own made main plates, bridges and cases. Cardew Watches is a ‘company’ which makes watches but as Mike says, does not have customers – only ‘people I like’. You will be surprised to learn what happens to Mike’s watches once assembled.

Yes, horology comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is no doubt that you will find this interview inspirational – especially if you like to make your own things – whatever they are.

When you like our YouTube videos, you are not paying homage to me personally, but to my guests who are creative and extraordinary craftsman in their own right. ‘HRU’ videos are created as documents and documentaries to be preserved for the future, not as an advertisement for business or a product. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and help us grow so we can provide more exciting content in the future. Our immediate goal is to reach 1000 subscribers!

A special ‘thanks’ goes to our apprentice Bobby for post-recording production- without him, the 'Horology Raw and Uncut' project would not be possible.

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