Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Workshop News, Brookvale

Continuing with the Manufactured in Australia project.  It has been a busy week with plenty of excitement. Josh is currently manufacturing titanium screws, reaching the 'new small' with a thread diameter of 0.8mm. The screws are turned and threaded on the Citizen CNC lathe. The screw polishing jig is done as well, with internal holes having a thread of 0.8mm and 0.6mm. This is done on the Kern mill using an amazingly small threading cutter. Note the photo of the cutter next to a human hair. We are not quite there yet, more fine tuning to follow, but the first screws are already fully functional. 
In the mean time, Andrew is working on the NH Regulator Clock. When we started this project a couple of years ago, it was based on an English design. Last month we finally got back into it - and we made the decision to ditch the old design and start from scratch, designing our own clock. From the layout and unique power maintenance work, to holding all the wheels not in brass bushings but seated in ceramic ball bearings. We also wanted 'perfect' dial symmetry with the minute hand in the centre, seconds and hours in line and two winding squares. It is completely 'in house', from design to manufacturing. A small curiosity is the gear tooth profile - which is not a clock, but watch profile. The plan is to have a fully tested and working regulator on the wall by Christmas.

Here is a quick 60 seconds video of the first couple gears in motion. The almost friction-less motion is mesmerising because clock gears are not supposed to turn so smoothly, and especially not while just sitting supported in one bearing.

Check it out here -
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