Monday, July 13, 2020

From the workshop

Another important milestone reached yesterday: we've made our smallest
titanium screw so far.

The thread diameter is 0.6 millimetre, the head diameter is 1.16mm and the slot is just one quarter of the mil. To put things in perspective: a human hair next to the screw. Note how cool the thread profile is.
And this is how the screw looks like after being machined. The next step is deburring by hand, 'black polish' with diamond paste, and finally anodizing.

And this is how the screw looks, ready for installation.

Next step is to make a polishing jig for polishing of the bottom of the slot.

As reported before: the profile cutter tool for the thread cutting was ground in-house as well.

It would be really interesting to know are there any other screw manufacturers in Australia who can make a screw of this size?
The only other application for such a fine screw outside watchmaking would
be in instrument making.

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