Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why should we care about preserving our horological past?

For a simple reason: there is not much left to be preserved. Every watch or pocket watch which bears unique Australian markings - regardless of how humble it may look- has a story to tell.

Here is a perfect example: a 1960 Peerless wrist watch imported for Victorian Railway. What makes this piece special: when Tasmanian Government Railways had a need to issue some wrist watches, they asked Victorian Rail for help. This particular piece was sent down to Tasmania, where it was numbered TGR A205. The VR W marks are still there as well.
This is the first and only 'double issued' piece I have seen so far.

The watch has been overhauled yesterday as 'an apprentice project'. The mechanism: an AS1900 which features a unique 'cannon pinion' assembly rarely seen in other calibres. The study of the click, click spring, and engagement with the ratchet wheel was bit of fun too.

The Peerless case is non-standard with 19mm spacing between the lugs, so we fitted on a 19mm NH leather strap(Italian leather) with our steel buckle. These are usually reserved for the Mark 1 line. Super handy!

Two points: if you ever come across an Australian Railway issued watch, snatch it. They are cheap as chips because "megabrand collectors" could not care less about our history. Second point: if you don't want it in your collection, drop me a note, I'll buy it. Much appreciated!

Finally, if you have a vintage watch which has 19mm non-standard lug spacing, we have black, brown, tan, and red leather straps in stock. These straps are in very limited supply (yes, we like to keep them for our Mark 1 customers). Strap price $50. Buckle side width: 18mm. NH Steel buckles are made of the finest surgical steel. Buckle price $50.

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