Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Can you squeeze two life stories in under 5 minutes?

Last week a young filmmaker knocked on our door. He is working on a mini documentary series titled 'Australian Artisans' and since he looked very polite, industrious and enthusiastic, we decided to 'give it a go'.  His only requirement:  to squeeze it all in under five minutes:  two life stories, two workshops and 700 years of horology.

The actual filming was spread over two days - there was no script, no scenario and no choreography.  Yet, to his credit, Alex managed to pull it all together and made the video available to viewers by Sunday night.

Let me just point out the obvious - this video is not about us.  It is simply Chapter 2 of a book called "Survival of Small Independent Watchmakers in Australia", with many chapters yet to be written.  Written for you.

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