Thursday, May 30, 2019

In a leather studio in Australia's outback

With 35 MK1 watches already delivered and proudly worn by their new guardians, there are still quite a few watches in our workshop yet to be shipped. They are assembled, awaiting their custom made leather straps, and there is very little we can or want to do about it.  Their uniqueness - that magic fairy dust sprinkled over MK1 - comes from Alice Springs.  And we are very proud of our collaboration with James B. Young; a talented craftsman who turns a kangaroo skin into the most durable, most beautiful, entirely hand-made watch strap that you will find in Australia.

Each strap is worth the wait and I let James weave his magic at his own pace.  Getting it right is not a small task.  From the selection of the leather, thickness, colour, texture, down to cutting the strap to every customer's wrist size, to hand stitching, and shipping them to Sydney.  Strap making is simply an art form or, to put it simply, with MK1 there is no such thing as waiting time.  We call it "crafting time".  


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