Monday, May 27, 2019

Kia Ora

I have pledged my alliance to my country 25 years ago - and since then, Australians and Australia have never failed me. Loyalty is a big item on my 'life values' list. But, my goodness, arriving to Christchurch Friday night felt like coming home.

New Zealand is every bit like Australia - just a tiny bit nicer, cleaner, slower, spacious,  spontaneous, down to earth, kinder and greener. 

Having an opportunity to share our story at the Annual Conference of the New Zealand Horological Institute was a true privilege. I haven't seen a more enthusiastic group of watchmakers in a long time. Attention to detail, genuine interest, a sense of humour, a true and immediate connection.  I only hope they will invite me again...

Did they like it? Was it one of the bitter or one of the better ones?

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