Monday, May 20, 2019

It is about winning

The Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Award is recognised as the premier Award program for the Australian manufacturing industry. The program promotes, recognises and rewards excellence within the industry. Simply, think of it as an Oscar of Aussie manufacturing.

To our surprise,  a couple months ago, we received good news: NH Watchmaker was a finalist in the Outstanding Startup of the Year category! The invitation to attend the Award ceremony in Melbourne followed shortly , and we obliged - sending Josh and Andrew as our representatives.

As you would imagine, the competition was fierce: robotic companies, drones, military and defence contractors. And, as you would imagine, both Josh and Andrew were excited not just for the fact we were finalists, but winning the ultimate prize seemed very realistic.

But not so for me: the fact that our manufacturing capabilities and products itself were nominated was already a major win.  We are a very young team, and our time is yet to come.  Actually, winning too soon would create more problems than good - from an unrealistic sense of self importance to requests for a pay rise.

The kids did made us proud: while the Endeavour Award went to Persistent Aerospace, the mention of the Australian manufactured watch got the loudest, longest and most enthusiastic applause ("we clearly won the audience award").

And, quite frankly, for a small manufacturing business like ours it is the customers’ satisfaction Award that matters the most.  As well the Westpac award for keeping the business account in positive, and the Tax Office award for paying quarterly tax instalments on time.  The apprentice award for training new kids. The 'keep the workbenches clean' award. The timekeeping award for our watch keeping time... as well as a dozen more awards we strive to win every day.  Because, for a small business, every day is simply a new endeavour day.

Other Endeavour finalists in our category: Military spec manufacturer / drones WA Intelligent Software NSW Defence / aerospace rocket manufacturer QLD

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