Friday, May 3, 2019

Watchmaking 2.0 May course

The happy faces say it all: another successfully completed Seiko 7S26 course.  Yes, we invested double the time originally anticipated, but it was worth it - every minute of it.

Once again, here are the 4 reasons why we open our doors for 4 nights per month to teach watchmaking:

1. We want to offer you an experience of a lifetime.  Pulling a mechanical watch apart, learning how the watch works, and putting it back together is simply life changing.  Your appreciation of watches will never be the same again.  You will love it.

2. It's good for our young team of apprentices.  Assisting you to complete your tasks makes them better and more confident watchmakers.  The best way to grow is to share and teach.

3. We worked hard and invested heavily to establish relationships with the best Swiss watch tool makers and bring to Australia the finest watchmakers’ tools money can buy. Running watchmaking classes enables us to continue to do so.  Access to tools is essential to both professional and amateur watchmakers.

4. Independent expert watchmakers like myself are disappearing fast.  Independent horology has been squeezed out of relevance from both sides:  from big brands restricting spare parts causing the slow death of the trade, and from quasi-horology preached online by 'social media' gurus. The typical Australian watchmaker with 30 years’ experience behind the bench is simply unable to find his place in 2019. He is confused. An expert in his field, but feels discarded and irrelevant. Why? Because your average watchmaker is unwilling to share his knowledge, open his workshop, and have some fun. Not us!   We are fighting back, preaching and teaching the real horology: you, behind the bench, with screwdriver in one hand, tweezers in the other, with sweat and tears rolling down your eyeglass, fighting for your life - as has every watchmaker before you, for the past 700 years of this amazing trade.

To book your seat for the next 2.0 course, email us ASAP.

Our motto is simple:  "We raise your expectations high, and then we exceed them". 
"Hi Nick (and Team),

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the amazing experience that was the Watchmaking 2.0 course that you ran over the last 5 weeks. I went into the course not knowing what to expect, but having high expectations nonetheless.

Safe to say that I was not disappointed.

I was blown away by your knowledge and passion, but above all else, your generosity in sharing both of these attributes (and time!) with us budding watchmaker apprentices.

The same can be said for your staff – Andrew, Bobby (Michael) and Gemma whose enthusiasm was infectious and help was invaluable. Please pass on my warm thanks to all three.

Brad Martin"

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