Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Christchurch needs you!

Talk is cheap - pack your Tweed jacket, a couple of books and in the company of a loved one head East. Christchurch needs you badly, and needs you now.

There are no queues and no pressure - just a bunch of hard working people doing their absolute best to make your stay a memorable one. And, my goodness, they are working hard. The town is still in the middle of rebuilding and recovery; the main infrastructure works like clockwork, but the wide clean streets are empty.  More than ever, Christchurch needs people, visitors and customers to get their fragile economy back on foot. They need not just your dollar, but even more, they need to see you and hear a kind word.

Facebook messages and smart emails won't help. I suggest leaving Sydney Friday morning and returning late Sunday. Crowne Plaza will offer all the comfort you need - from super clean, new rooms to a crackling fireplace in the lobby.  For the best steak in New Zealand go to the Michelin Hat worthy Jaba. No reservation needed! If your 500gram rump comes with anything but the 'tastiest steak ever', I will personally refund your meal. Quite frankly, that dinner itself would be worth the trip.

Walk slowly, spend, enjoy, and cuddle under the doona. Life is short, enjoy it.     



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