Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday tips for students of horology: 3 common 'tweezer mistakes' which prevent you from progressing - but could easily be avoided.

Let’s get straight into it.

 1. Learn how to hold watchmaker’s tweezers properly.

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2. Select the correct tweezers for a particular task

If you've bought a kit tool from us then you have received 3 different tweezers in your set. While the maker or model may vary, the set consists of general, fine and very fine tweezers. 

Make no mistake: even a general work tool ( #1 or #27) is a delicate instrument, not designed or suitable to be used as a spring bar removal tool, prying levers or hole punchers!

By general work we really mean the handling of internal watch movement parts like train gears, bridges and screws.

Long tip, light tweezers like Bergeon #7026-SS is a super fine tool designed for handling the escape wheel and pallets. I also like to use them to handle watch hands.

Of course there are many different models (we stock over 20!)
3. Keep your tweezers separate from all other watchmaking tools. A small wooden box or plastic container is a must. Keep the tip cap on at all times.

Chokamour chocolate wooden boxes make the perfect container for tweezers

"I wish I had more time to practise!"

This is a lame excuse. Practise! Don't let your precious tools remain idle. Here is a simple exercise which requires nothing more than your tweezers and some rice.

The aim is to pick and transfer the lot from one container to another. Not difficult at all, and you can do it while your call is placed on hold, while listening to a boring client, or when the boss is not watching.

Mastered the rice? You are ready for sugar!

Keep your tweezers clean, oil and dust free, don’t drop them and practise daily. This fine manual work will keep your brain sharp for years to come.  Watchmaking sucks as a profession, but makes a wonderful stress-free hobby. 

Next time, I’ll share with you a simple technique on how to polish and maintain tweezer tips.

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