Tuesday, February 12, 2019

DIY - How to perfectly polish plexi glass in under 3 minutes

You've asked for it, and here it is: THE MAGIC 

How to polish plexi/hesalite/plastic glass LIKE A PRO in less than 3 minutes.

I absolutely *HATE* snake oil merchants. And, as you know, the majority of products that claim miraculous results are just lame stuff, designed to be sold to na├»ve and gullible buyers. Clearly, if I am to endorse a product then (1)  it has to work, (2) it has to work every time and for everyone, (3) it has to be super affordable and, above all, a brilliantly simple solution.

The 'MAGIC' does all 3 and you'll be impressed.


Since I didn't have any scratched plexi glass watches in stock, I've scratched my own Omega Moonwatch with 20 microns sandpaper so badly that the apprentices went "wow".

Bloody hell. Of course, you can skip this step - since your plexi glass is probably already showing some scuff marks you want to get rid of.     



Scratch removal tools:

- $7 MIRACLE Microfibre watch cloth from Town Talk http://shop.clockmaker.com.au/home/67-watch-cleaning-cloth-18-x-18cm.html
- $7 PolyWATCH polish (Germany) http://shop.clockmaker.com.au/home/99-polywatch-plastic-polish.html

Cut the cloth in two pieces.



Apply a small amount of Polywatch paste to both the cloth and plexi glass.



Polish! Rub in both a circular and linear motion the entire surface of the crystal, especially vigorously over the scratched/scuffed areas.

It should take less than a minute to remove 95% of all imperfections. Re-apply the polishing paste a couple more times and continue to polish.



Use the second half of the cloth (clean piece) and polish the plexi glass for 1 more minute WITHOUT paste. This is your final rub, as you are aiming to bring the surface to a mirror finish, cleaning all the residue.


The end result is so impressive that you will remain speechless! A pure mirror finish!



Of course, you will be left with so much polishing paste that you can repeat the process every few months, keeping your plexi spotless. It goes without saying that polishing your plexi glass before putting your watch up for sale could make the difference of hundreds of dollars.

Why does it work so powerfully? Simply, it is a combination of perfect German plastic polishing paste and top quality English microfibre cloth.

Just two tips: remove all residue with a clean cloth and don’t apply any polish to the pushers and winding crown. (If you accidentally do, wipe it with a warm water damped cloth, then dry well). 

THE MAGIC works on any plastic glass, regardless of the watch brand -  Omega Moonwatches, Omega Speedmaster Reduceds, TAG Heuer, Rolex plastic Subs/GMT Masters down to humble Swatch watches.

Polywatch and a full range of English Town Talk cloths are available both at our online shop and over the counter in our store.

To place your order go to:  http://shop.clockmaker.com.au/14-polish-clean

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