Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Well, I told you so

Recently we got an email from Jim who had just received his three loupes in the mail.  To say that he was happy is an understatement.

He wrote, "My three loupes arrived today. I instantly checked them out and I'm very impressed with the quality.  When I compared them to my Chinese/Indian 4X and 10X the difference was amazing.  Items viewed through all three are clearer (in fact, crystal clear), colours seem to be more vivid, and the field of view is discernibly brighter.  There's also much less vignetting at the periphery compared to the cheapo ones.  Another happy customer.

We are really grateful for Jim's feedback but this is hardly a surprise.  I have been using an ASCO loupe for years, as well as all the apprentices, and the reason why we sell them is because we are happy customers too!  Actually our plan is to expand the range with new models to arrive soon.

*** Professional watchmaker's loupes

And not just for watch enthusiasts: a perfect gift for a stamp or coin collector - or anyone interested in fine detail.

It's not too late to get 1, 2 or 3 loupes for yourself or a friend. 
$29 each plus delivery.  (If you buy 3 loupes delivery is free!) 

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