Thursday, February 14, 2019

Fake Bergeon tools

Oscar Wilde famously said that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.' I disagree: commercial imitation is simply a crime.

The other day I compared Bergeon tools with Patek watches.  Indeed there are countless similarities between the two brands. And one of them is that both are commonly faked.

So here is the question: how can you tell if a tool is genuine Bergeon or a cheap replica? As it is the case with watches - you don't buy a watch, you buy a seller.  The dead giveaways are : low price, lack of original packaging material, missing reference or serial numbers, poor quality and so on.
While from a constructional side a fake tool may look similar to genuine, it will always lack the performance of a quality, well-made, genuine tool.

What amazes me the most is the blatant 'co-branding' where fakers will stamp a tool with both 'Bergeon' and their own brand name. This is a typical Chinese practice - a sign of 'technological patriotism' with clear message: look at us, we can make a tool as good as Swiss, at a fraction of the price, and we don't give a damn about international copyright laws.

While I am an open-minded person, keen to try and review any tool by any maker, regardless of the country of origin,  double-branding seriously puts me off.

And just to make this clear: The Swiss often play the same game: happily re-branding Chinese watch parts, and even some tools, as being made in Switzerland.

Pictured on top: a cheap and nasty movement holder replica; Tianjiu fake Bergeon, and a genuine Bergeon holder. Tianjiu is taking the blatant fakery to the 'next level' by ripping off Bergeon's trademark packaging, colours, description in four languages, reference numbers down to product specifications. (Photo courtesy of eBay).

ORIGINAL Swiss Bergeon Reversible Watch Movement Holder

The Bergeon reversible watch movement holder comes in two sizes: 3 3/4-11mm (4039) and 8 3/4-19mm (4040). Another essential aid, unchanged in design for over 100 years and made to last forever.

In stock

Price: $45

Note: if you are looking for a specific Bergeon tool than we are happy to take your order. Delivery time around 6 weeks .

Our utmost goal is to expand our stock of Swiss watchmakers’ tools to the point where you will be able to get almost everything over the counter, straight away, with no delay.  However, due to the nature of trade and demand for certain tools and products, this is going to be an ongoing project for many years to come.

Until then, every order - regardless of size - matters and remains greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to the online Bergeon catalog:

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