Thursday, February 14, 2019

The talk of the town

For over 100 years a gleeful, eager to please butler wearing a top hat has been synonymous with a fresh sparkling home.

In truth, the butler was a Lancashire gentleman with a passion for silverware.  With an abundance of local, soft Pennine water, and top quality, locally-milled cotton at his fingertips, he set to work to create ingenious ways to polish and clean the very finest of Victorian silver.  Of particular note was his inventive silver polishing cloth which contained a unique combination of silver polishing liquid and local cotton.

With much Victorian fanfare his silver cloth became "the talk of the town" and, so, the Town Talk Polish Company was born in 1895.  As Town Talk became more well-known a talented artist developed the iconic animated image of Mr Town Talk. Practical, reliable, ready to help at the drop of a hat, he continues to represent this fascinating company's values, as well as the highest quality cleaning products for the most beautiful of treasures.

An incredible 124 years later, the Town Talk silver polishing cloth is still considered to be one of the finest available in the world today.

We are proud to be official stockists of not less than 14 Town Talk products and, quite frankly, dealing with the British has proven to be a lot more exciting than dealing with the Swiss.

If you ever need any polishing cloths for watches, silver, gold, glass, spectacles, smartphones or even Ipads, pop into our shop or go online and order on our store at

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