Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Professional Loupes in Stock

*** Good news! Professional watchmaker's LOUPES for just $29 each!
 Sorry for the selfie - but I didn't want you to miss this important announcement.

A loupe is a small magnifying glass used by jewellers and watchmakers. Finally the first delivery of the famous ASCO professional watchmakers loupes has arrived.

ASCO is a Swiss tool supplier and tool maker established in 1833 and a synonym for quality yet very affordable loupes. As a third generation watchmaker I have been using my ASCO loupe for years- there are  3 of them on my bench at any given time: one for general work, one for close inspection, while the third loupe used exclusively for dials and hand assembly.

My intention is simple: to stock ASCO loupes and offer them to hobbyists, professionals, watch enthusiasts and watch collectors. Next time you visit our workshop, ask me to show you full range of seven ASCO loupes so you can select one which fits you the best.Price:  only $29 per loupe
which is a few dollars less than buying one from any other online watch tools stockist. Not to mention convenience of immediate pickup.

What a heck - I'll even teach you how to wear one while you here!

It goes without saying that a quality Swiss made loupe will last you for ever. A loupe is fantastic present for a fellow watch enthusiast or a partner, a priceless gift which will be greatly appreciated. A true eye-opener allowing you to appreciate the finest detail of your watch dial, hands, crystal and watch mechanism. A perfect, simple, handy inspection instrument.

If you are unable to select and collect your loupe in person, then I suggest to order size "3" or "3 and a half" which is always a safe choice. If you place an order for 3 loupes or more, I will throw in FREE DELIVERY Australia wide.

TIP: Loupe "1" has the highest magnification, "4" the lowest.
Watchmakers wear only 1 loupe at time, I wore two - just for fun.  

***How To Place Your Order:

To put it simply, in any way you wish. 
  1. Go to our online shop http://shop.clockmaker.com.au/
  2. Create your account
  3. Select the items you wish to order
  4. Add them to your cart
  5. Add a bracelet or two to your order! (see accessories section)
  6. Checkout
You will receive your order details as well as our bank account details in your email.  Once the payment has been made we will ship the loupes to you.

If you would like to pay by credit card still follow all the steps 1-5 and then call to place your order over the phone or provide us with your credit card details via email.

If you would like to pay in store come see us Monday to Friday between the hours of 11am-4.30pm.  However, to avoid disappointment it is recommended that you follow steps 1-6 so that we can track your order and ensure that we have the stock available.

Please be patient with us while we process orders and work through any glitches along the way :).                         

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