Thursday, February 14, 2019

More Bergeon goodies in stock

Established in 1791, Bergeon Switzerland is the world’s leading supplier of Watchmakers’ tools. If you were to visit their La Chaux-de-Fonds showroom, you would find 3,000 tools on display. But make no mistake - Bergeon is not about the volume - it's all about quality, within an industry used to talking in microns.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you wanted to present your business partner with an amazingly sophisticated present – yet you simply could not find one on short notice?

And, what do you give to someone who has it all? Are you still trying to impress them with a bottle of wine or a ticket to a cricket game?

1.  Bergeon set of 10 Screwdrivers

The Bergeon professional watchmaker's screwdriver set is arguably the best
screwdriver set in the world. A set of 10 screwdrivers, boxed in a black Swiss pine case, unmistakeably and clearly labelled "SWISS MADE" will speak volumes about YOUR sophistication. Yes, this is the kind of tool even professional watchmakers can only dream about.

Price: $270

2. Bergeon set of 5 screwdrivers

This is a perfect present for your smart grandson, nephew, or niece. Nerdy kids deserve nerdy presents. This one will last forever. A fantastic set for a novice watchmaker or hobbyist.

Price: $79

3.  Bergeon 30080-07 1.5mm Screwdriver

There is nothing more annoying than a loose screw on a spectacle hinge!  The Bergeon 30080-07 1.6mm screwdriver is the perfect tool for tightening such screws. A single screwdriver for just $18. This is less than what an optometrist would charge you for a replacement screw.  We have five different individual packed screwdrivers in stock, as well as spare blades for all.

Price: $18 (pictured)

4.  Bergeon Screwdriver Blade Sharpener

Nothing will crash your spirit like a chipped or twisted blade on a new Bergeon screwdriver. But worry not! Screwdriver blades can be easily re-shaped and sharpened with the appropriate tool. Bergeon 2461 is an
absolute MUST. I'll talk about it tomorrow, but if you are placing an order for any screwdrivers and wish to learn how to sharpen them like a pro – then you need this tool. Don't be fooled with cheap Chinese and Indian fake
Bergeon replicas commonly found on eBay!

Our price is $48 for a genuine Bergeon.

If you buy any screwdriver set AND 2461, we will throw in a perspex board (free of charge). More about that later.

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