Tuesday, February 5, 2019

More watchmakers' loupes

***Fantastic news!  

We have just got a new delivery of the now famous ASCO loupes with four additional models to expand our range.
Let’s start with aluminium

What can I say?  An absolute gem.  Anodised aluminium, azure blue body, with colour-coded rim for magnification.  Like the black H1 type, ASCO aluminium comes in seven different magnifications.  The aluminium body means an even more robust loupe for both bench and workshop environments but the reason I really like this loupe is for the fact that “Swiss made” and ASCO brand is prominently visible, This is the kind of loupe you would want to take with you to any Swiss watch brand dealership.  They will be impressed.

The second bit which is equally more important and works in your favour: the aluminium loupe is heavier than the standard plastic loupe, so you are not expected to hold it over your eye like a watchmaker.  It’s designed to be held by hand close to your eye.  Not only will you look like a professional but you will handle it like a professional.

Price:  $48 only

Very limited stock.  You will find more on our shop online.     
     ***Loupe 1806     
      This is a 30mm loupe, much larger than the standard watchmaker’s loupe, again designed to be held by hand.  It provides for a larger field of vision and it’s a perfect loupe for a stamp collector, numismatics or really any other purpose than watchmaking.

1806 comes in four different magnifications. Made in Germany.

Price: $39
Engravers' loupe

This is a massive 40mm loupe, Made in Germany. Large 'flat'field, low distortion, two magnifications (x4 and x5)  Price: $39

***Finally, we now have in the range an amazing ASCO20 aplanatic blue tinted lens loupe

This aplanatic loupe literally turns your eye and brain into a microscope with the focal distance of just 5mm.  The loupe is held almost next to the object and will allow you to see even the finest detail possible with the naked eye.

A priceless instrument for inspecting surfaces like guilloche, perlage or Geneve stripes or inclusions in diamonds and precious stones.  The loupe simply shines when used in well-lit and noise-free environments.  Remember, it is your brain that does the image processing.  Aplanatic simply means no distortion to shape or colour and the ASCO 20 aplanatic is one of the best watchmaker’s loupes on the market.

Price: $240

All the loupes are now available on our online shop so feel free to check them out.
***How To Place Your Order:

To put it simply, in any way you wish. 
  1. Go to our online shop http://shop.clockmaker.com.au/
  2. Create your account
  3. Select the items you wish to order
  4. Add them to your cart
  5. Add a bracelet or two to your order! (see accessories section)
  6. Checkout
You will receive your order details as well as our bank account details in your email.  Once the payment has been made we will ship the loupes to you.

If you would like to pay by credit card still follow all the steps 1-5 and then call to place your order over the phone or provide us with your credit card details via email.

If you would like to pay in store come see us Monday to Friday between the hours of 11am-4.30pm.  However, to avoid disappointment it is recommended that you follow steps 1-6 so that we can track your order and ensure that we have the stock available.

Please be patient with us while we process orders and work through any glitches along the way :).           

Happy Collecting,

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