Thursday, February 14, 2019

There are tools - and then there are tools

Not all watchmakers’ tools are made the same. A professional tradesman is primarily looking for quality and longevity, as well as serviceability of a tool. Meaning that if you were to invest in a screwdriver, you would not only expect it to last for decades, but you expect that a toolmaker would provide spare blades, invest in research and development of a better tool while continuing to expand the range.

And there is another kind of tools known within the trade as 'boutique tools'.  Those watchmaking tools are simply designed to impress. A Patek or Lange or Cartier technician is not going to use a $10 spring bar tool on a $100,000 watch - but a tool designed to match the quality of the watch itself.

So when it comes to high-end boutique tools,  the undisputed king of bling is tools made by Bergeon.

Bergeon is a Swiss watchmakers’ toolmaker, established in 1791.  Over 228 years of undisrupted history and tradition, and for all those years a synonym for both quality and reputation. A kind of Patek of Swiss toolmaking.

And like Patek, Bergeon sets its own standards and rules.

Yesterday, we got our first delivery of Bergeon tools. Two large boxes filled with screwdrivers, movement holders, tweezers, pliers, two staking sets - and much more. Yes, we are now an official Bergeon AD!

Amongst the tools we now carry in stock are 3 very specific "Boutique Tools" from their prestige "Smile" range: two spring bar double-ended removal tools and one pin pusher. The kind of tools to match your half a million dollar watch; tools designed to be photographed next to any perpetual calendar or tourbillon.

Price? Well - who cares!

If you wonder which spatula you should buy then my advice is - buy both. The difference between the two tools is in the small detail: one spatula is slightly wider than the other and also slightly curved. Both tools are primarily designed for the removal of spring bars on leather straps.

The pin pusher has a 0.80mm diameter tip and is suitable for spring bars fitted on 'pin hole' cases. 
Pin extractor

Spring bar tools

***Bergeon Rodico - $9

My grandfather has been using it for over 70 years, my father for well over 60, and I am using it daily, and there’s not the slightest doubt that my son and my apprentices will use Bergeon Rodico for the rest of their lives.  Unchanged formula.  Unchanged properties.  Simply the best cleaning product designed for watchmakers on the market.

Rodico is a special watchmaker's cleaning product.  It is used for cleaning, balance pivots, train wheel pivots, removing finger prints and stain from plates, bridges, dials, hands; removing excess oil from watch jewels and taking out broken pivots from the jewels.

Equally useful for professionals and watch enthusiasts, and especially those who are taking the case back off their watches or doing minor repairs.

A $9 bar of Rodico will last you for years.  Actually when I think of it, Rodico is so superior that there has never been an attempt by another maker to substitute it.  It’s impossible.

Of course, Bergeon products come in their own Bergeon packaging boxes and, yes, there are watch enthusiasts who simply collect Bergeon as they would collect Rodico watches.  The box itself and all Bergeon packaging material is equally as important as the product itself.

Polywatch - our short tutorial on polishing plexi/hesalite glasses created a lot of interest, as expected.  However, for those of you who ordered only one a cloth or only the polish you need both to achieve my result.  The cloth itself will not remove scratches.  
Order Microfibre Watch Cleaning Cloth

Order Polywatch

If you missed our tutorial on how to perfectly polish plexi glass in under 3 minutes visit our blog:

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