Monday, May 10, 2021

Another missed opportunity


Early this week, I got an email from the Australian Associated Press with a request to verify if the watch in the above photo worn by our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is indeed a $30,000 white gold Rolex Daytona.

It wasn't.

Scomo was wearing an el cheapo, which, to save embarrassment to the Government, I've kindly described as 'a $200 fashion watch'. The AAP reported the 'news' quoting yours truly. To their credit, they also contacted Rolex and another so-called watch expert, with all three of us in agreement.

In an emailed statement, a spokeswoman for Mr Morrison also told the AAP that "The prime minister does not own a Rolex or a luxury watch."

This is a perfect example of fake news and an amateurish attempt to portray Scomo as a hypocrite; who has driven Holgate out of the Australia Post top job over the 'Cartier scandal', while himself wearing a $30,000 gold Rolex in parliament.

Citizen Scott Morrison is not a watch hypocrite. Clearly, he is not into watches and he could not care about watches. But Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, should know better: wearing a cheap watch is worse than not wearing a watch at all. Sooner or later, the international travel will resume; and once again, Scomo will have to shake hands with world leaders who actually wear real watches. God help us.

Yet all this shame and ridicule could be easily prevented if our prime minister would care to wear an Australian Manufactured watch. We can only hope that one day soon, when pressed to defend malicious gossip, the government spokeswomen will proclaim: "The prime minister does not own a Rolex. He proudly wears an Australian made watch, the very first watch Manufactured in Australia."

Mr Morrison, once again, I beg you to accept the offer. The watch is here, ready to be strapped to your Prime Ministerial wrist. Please do the right thing and make us all proud - please make AUSTRALIA proud again.

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