Monday, May 10, 2021

Getting there, slowly, one camera at a time!


Our little "vintage camera project" is progressing just fine. The cabinet is half full and our excitement is growing with each newly acquired camera. Michael, who is in charge of acquisition is doing a good job; he has a keen eye for detail and knows his stuff. Our goal: to create a unique 'camera boutique' in the heart of Sydney's CBD. 

Obviously, it will take months or perhaps even years to acquire the 'right' stock. We have set our goals fairly high: we would like to stock all original sets with boxes, documentation and as many accessories as possible, in the best condition we can find. In other words, collectable, vintage film cameras that will continue to attract both serious collectors as well as photographers, amateurs and pros.

In a time when everyone is a photographer, and when millions of instant digital photos are taken every hour, classic old fashioned film cameras offer something different: a moment to pause and compose, capture with passion, delayed gratification rewarded with the timeless value of a precious moment, framed for the next generation. Values we firmly stand for, values which we promote.

Similarities between mechanical watches and mechanical film cameras are too obvious. We also believe that learning more while sharing the little we already know would be of benefit to you, our subscriber. And if you are excited about cameras, feel free to drop us a line, when you have a minute or two. 

Almost forgot: if you have a camera tucked away that you no longer have time for, then do let us know. We will do our best to make you a fair offer and promise to find a new home for it. Photography books wanted too!                         

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