Monday, May 10, 2021

I am not paid to love Omega

Over the last few days, we've seen an unusually high number of new subscribers joining this mailing list.

As always is the case, a few will drop off quickly, while others, drawn to 'the magic of horology' will stick with us, becoming loyal supporters.

To those who joined us recently: I am not paid to promote Omega watches. To Omega, I am just a short, chubby, middle-aged watchmaker with thick glasses and a big mouth. Omega could not care less about my opinion, nor does it need my help to sell their watches.

But here is the bit that matters to you: Omega makes very cool watches. After investing heavily in R&D, their own watch manufacturing facilities and brand promotion, Omega is now able to offer you a well made, modern, accurate watch in a range like no other Swiss brand. This is the truth and a fact. And this is why I spend a considerable amount of time tracking down preowned Omega watches - both vintage and modern - and reselling them on the secondary market. Sentiments aside, and for that very reason, it only makes sense to 'hatch' myself to a quality product by a brand with a rich horological history and bright future.

Here is just one example: the 'new' Seamaster.

There are currently 53 Seamaster 300m models in the Omega catalogue. All of them available for immediate delivery. (Rolex catalogue: ''We have seven different Submariners''. Rolex authorized dealer: ''We have no Submariners''.)                         
Watch enthusiasts love variety – different colours, materials, bracelet and strap options; while I love the fact that all those watches are hitting the secondary market.

Yet when I look at the new Seamaster through my watchmaker's loupe, I see beauty and quality of workmanship. Calibre 8800 mechanism is simply stunning. Mass-produced, yes, but nevertheless of a quality you won’t find in a Rolex Submariner. And even a casual watch enthusiast would have no problem appreciating the perfection of ceramic bezel, dial and hands. The new style clasp is an example of functionality; the bracelet and case simply feel right on the wrist.

Is the Omega Seamaster the new Rolex Submariner? Resale value and brand recognition aside, yes. Actually, there is only one technical aspect that would give a Submariner the slightest advantage over a Seamaster: the construction of the case and superior water resistance. Everything else is not really worth comparing – at all.

Should you invest in a Seamaster? Absolutely yes. Brand new at full retail or a super fine preowned in 10/10 condition with $1,000 saving? Super easy: either is fine; your call.                         

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