Monday, May 10, 2021

Seiko of the day:

Japanese Railway pocket watch from 1993.

Two things to get excited about. First, this is the only pocket watch I've seen with "JR" and "East" printed on the dial. Tiny, almost microscopic letters, in green. 

Second: note the small number on the case back. 314367 means that this watch was manufactured in January 1993 and it was number 4367 of that model. Now, it happens that this is also Andrew's birth month and year, so I made the suggestion a few years ago that he should buy this watch off me because birth year watches are generally hard to find. He took the watch with it's display stand, set it exactly to atomic clock time, and parked it on his work bench - then the both of us forgot about it. Today, Andrew checked the time on 'his' railway pocket watch: since December 2019 it only lost 5 seconds!! This is simply unbelievable. Surely, the watch was in a stationary position, and kept in constant temperature, but nevertheless, this is a true testimony to the performance of Seiko's 7C11 standard grade quartz movement.

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