Thursday, May 13, 2021

There is nothing more exciting than unboxing a newly arrived watch

It has been a month since we attended the 2021 Seiko release presentation and placed an order for their new watches; quite frankly we are slowly wearing out of patience.  Every SEIKO delivery is loaded with anticipation and excitement, but receiving a delivery of newly released models is simply something special. 

The postman dropped off a small parcel early yesterday morning. "Only 8 watches! is that all?" Actually, we had received just four, two of each model. 

While the quantity was a bit of a disappointment, the watches themselves were super cool. "How can Seiko produce such an amazing mechanical watch, and sell is so cheap?" the apprentices asked. The answer is simple: Seiko is a huge, well-oiled watch manufacturing machine, and has been in the business of making watches for over a hundred years. From design, manufacturing, to sales and shipping, the entire process is run 'in house'. A modern company, with global presence on the rise.

And here they are: the 2021 release of four 'Air and Land' Prospex models. If you are new to Seiko: Prospex stands for Professional Specifications watch, and that reference was mainly to its divers capabilities. However, while the Air and Land are not diver’s watches, they are still fully waterproof to 20 Bar.  

I am not going to bore you with technical specs. The most important bit: super comfortable 42.4mm case size. The overall profile is fairly low for a 20bar case so the watch sits very comfortably on the wrist, and feels very light. 

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the very delicate, slender seconds hand. It is so fine that you can actually see each and every 'tick and tock' of the mechanical movement. You won't find this refinement in any Swiss watches on the market, except probably in IWC chronographs. As a watchmaker, I am truly impressed. (For more excitement: check out the finish on the hands with high mag loupe!)

It would be unfair to spoil your enjoyment describing the dial finish and colour, but I have to say that new Prospex models offer abundance of 'visual flavour'. The key word is crispness and clarity, two very desirable horological dial properties rarely found in mid-range watches. 

Why should you invest in Air and Land 'tortoise'? My top reason: unbeatable value for money. Followed by excitement, refinement, practicality, robustness, waterproofness and comfort. Investing in Seiko is simply a guilt free experience. 

While we have only eight watches in stock, we would like to see them shipped to you today. Here is the deal: I am not going to discount a brand new, just released Seiko, but if you place your order today, and you will receive $100 credit towards your next watch - new or pre-owned. I am throwing in free delivery, extended 5 years guarantee, and the chance to win a ‘Captain Willard’ valued at $2,200 in a few weeks time. PLUS a Seiko carbon fibre pen. 
Black SRPG17K      Price: $795
Green SRPG13K      Price: $795
Blue SRPG15K      Price: $795
Gold/Brown SRPG18K      Price: $875

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